Management Matters

Management matters for the success of any botanic gardens. Management includes the day-to-day operations and the short and long term planning for the future. There are many components and people involved in the Management of MCBG. Allied operations include the BCC Library, Queensland Herbarium (Qld Government) and the Planetarium (BCC).

The Brisbane City Council has released the final version of their Master Plan for Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha which is their vision for the next 15 years. The document is available from here:

If you go to this website and download it directly, your action will be recorded by BCC. Please take the time to grab and read this document. They also have a nifty fly-through video you can watch.

The Council’s quarry (next door to MCBG) is still not considered relevant (pg. 3): “Importantly, this is a master plan for the Gardens and while feedback was received about the quarry it remains operational and provides value for Council and is not part of the scope of this master plan.” The implementation schedule is particularly interesting (pg. 31) and our hopes for a Nursery may be fulfilled (pg. 20)! Exciting future ahead with the proposal to install a proper Children’s Garden (pg.24): “The underused bandstand area could be transformed into a children’s garden – a unique sensory botanical haven that would inspire children to learn as they play among the plants. With a hands-on focus, children would connect with the environment, themselves and each other.”

Masterplan 2018 cover

Overall site plan


The Masterplan welcomes the proposed insertion of this commercial recreational activity and infrastructure into Mount Coot-tha Reserve and Brisbane Botanic Gardens (landing across the lake in the Australian Plant Communities section). There are many visual descriptions and documents available on BCC’s official website here: >>>

FBBGSA has been an ardent critic of the Zipline and its negative impacts on the botanic gardens in particular. Other community groups have additional concerns, especially about impacts on wildlife and adjacent residential areas.

Mt Coot-tha Visitor Centre

The new Visitor Centre for Mt Coot-tha precinct is located within the Botanic Gardens.
It was opened 21 October 2017 by the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk. BCC have set up a webpage for the centre:

The Friends have installed our first donation box at the rear of the Visitor Centre! So next time you visit please spare some change! Thank you.

Front Entry
Inside displays


OPENING and tree planting
OPENING DAY speeches


Archived for a description of the BCC proposal please go here: >>>

Visitor Center under construction 20 July 2017
Artist’s rendering of finished building.