Sharing knowledge: education, promotion and publications

Managers of public botanic gardens consider education as a vital byproduct of scientific endeavours. If we use social media and technology today, Brisbanites of the 19th century used printed publications like newspapers, pamphlets, postcards and books to spread the knowledge and raise the awareness. We want to share some of these historic documents related to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Postcard early 1900s [SLQ/JOL 194863]
Postcard early 1900s [SLQ/JOL 194862]



FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION, scholars can refer to these downloadable files:

1995 List of Plants (mostly trees) arranged by specimen allocation number >>> BCBGplants1995 ALL

F.M. Bailey 1885 “Catalogue of Plants in Two Metropolitan Gardens, in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Bowen Park” warning! big 12MB file >>> catalogueofplant00bail

Walter Hill 1875 “Catalogue of the Plants in the Queensland Botanic Gardens” warning! big 14MB file >>> catalogueofplant00hill