Noteworthy people (managers and visitors)

Includes stories about noteworthy people (curators, botanists, prominent visitors) and all sorts of visitors and users, shenanigans and celebrations.

Introducing the Managers:

Managers at Brisbane Botanic Gardens (1855-2017)

Term of Office / Person and Position Title under Government Agency in charge

1855-1881 / Walter HILL (Superintendent, Curator and Director used) under Department of Lands

1881-1886 / James PINK (Head Gardener) under Department of Lands

1886-1889 / Alex M COWAN (Head Gardener) under Department of Lands; Department of Agriculture and Stock from 1887

1889-1905 / Philip MACMAHON (Curator) under Department of Agriculture and Stock

1905-1917 / John Frederick BAILEY (Curator) under Department of Agriculture

1917-1940 / Ernest Walter BICK (Curator) under Department of Agriculture; Brisbane City Council from 1925

1940-1942 / Harry MOORE (Curator or Head Gardener) under Brisbane City Council

1942-? / B.Smith (Foreman Gardener) Brisbane City Council

1946-1956 / John Rayer BAILEY (Curator) Brisbane City Council

1956-1980 / Harold William CAULFIELD (Curator) Brisbane City Council

1980-1983 / Ross David MCKINNON (SCCP) Brisbane City Council

1984-1984 / Jim LAI (SCCP) Brisbane City Council

1984-1988 / Maurice WILSON (SCCP) Brisbane City Council

1988-1998?? / John DALY (SCCP) Brisbane City Council

? / ~~ Bob Dobbs (title?) Brisbane City Council

2001-?2014 / ~~ David McGlynn (title?) Brisbane City Council

2015-present / Dale Arvidsson (curator) under Brisbane City Council


Qld Colonial or Government Botanists (1859-2004)

Custodians of the Queensland Herbarium (reference collection of dried plants): “BRI”

Term of Office / Person & Title if different /  Government Agency in charge

1859-1881 / Walter HILL / Department of Lands

1881-1915 / Frederick Manson BAILEY / Department of Lands; Department of Agriculture and Stock from 1887

1915-1917 / John Frederick BAILEY / Department of Agriculture ?

1917-1950 / Cyril Tenison WHITE / Department of Agriculture ?

1950-1954 / William Douglas FRANCIS / Department of Agriculture ?

1954-1976 / Selwyn L. EVERIST / Department of Primary Industries

1976-??? / Dr Robert William JOHNSON / Department of Primary Industries

?…. present / Dr Gordon GUYMER (Mgr Herbarium & Taxonomy) and shared with
T.J. MCDONALD (Mgr Ecology & Economic Botany) for a while / Department of Primary Industries; Department of Environment and Heritage (1992) then changed names to Environmental Protection Agency, until 2017 Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation.



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