CONTENTS: Exploring Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Each Botanic Treasure has been allocated a separate section on this website. The mixture of information includes historical and current data, about plants, people and designed elements. This initial release has been concentrated on providing content about the CBG, but even that has more to be told. We hope you enjoy your discoveries as much as we have enjoyed constructing this website.

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We have stories and pictures and more information under these categories:

TIMELINE – summary of major events

NOW and THEN GALLERY – historic images virtual experience!

Description – where, what, how big, etc.
Significance – recognised cultural heritage significance + ARTWORKS
History – lots more detail with links to presentations, published articles and more
Botanical Collections – our major collections identified with some historic and current photos
Animalia – did you know there was once a zoo in the city?!
Just Add People! – so far we have listed all the managers (curators or directors) plus the government botanists.
Management – a few basic references.