Our Brisbane Botanic Treasures

Friends of Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Sherwood Arboretum

Friends of Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Sherwood Arboretum Ltd.

are committed to protect, promote and celebrate three places:

City Botanic Gardens

(the original Brisbane Botanic Gardens) at Alice Street in the central city

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

at Mt Coot-tha in Toowong

Sherwood Arboretum

with entries off Jollimont Street and Joseph Street, Sherwood.

There are more descriptive details and locations under each place (in the top menu). The search tool at top can find all sorts of people, places and events! There are so many ways ot explore this website! Enjoy!

Our new Brisbane Botanic Treasures website captures some of the interesting stories, images and ideas that have been prepared in recent times to interpret these places. And it will continue to grow as more articles are written by more people, more maps uncovered and more photographs taken.

We aim to provide information for the casual visitor and the serious scholar, for real visits and virtual explorations. Thus the real purpose of this website is to provide interesting and useful educational experiences. Just like a botanic garden, this website is where history and science meet fun, games and creativity.

PLEASE NOTE: The initial release is focused on the City Botanic Gardens, while we develop more content for the MCBG and Sherwood Arboretum sites.

Site design and content by the fBBGSA “Triptych Team”: Jeannie Sim, Jim Dobbin and Marcus Richardson.

Triptych started as an proper art term to describe three-fold paintings, especially popular in Middle Ages for altar screens, but recently has been appropriated to describe anything in three parts that works as one unit. And that is us.
It was Marcus’ idea we call ourselves the “Triptych” and Jim and I liked it as well but then all three of us are a bit quirky that way!!

Board Release date: 17 August 2017
Open Release date: 2 September 2017 (City Botanic Gardens mostly complete)

Please tell us what you think of our new website! Contact us here: treasures@fbbgsa.org.au

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